Frido - Single Origin Dark Mexican Cacao (70%) - 250g

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Dark and dedicant yet slightly sweet. The cold pressed coins take you back to their original origin with a robust aroma and taste that will satisfy all the sensors. Derived from Mexican Cacao beans they are packed with antioxidants and a great source of magnesium it offers a profound amount of health benefits, and a delicious taste and texture to add to your chocolate drinks, recipes and treats.

Benefits & Features:

● Vegan Friendly and Dairy Free
● Gluten Free
● No preservatives
● Versatile and wholesome

How to use:

With the ‘Molinillo” (traditional way)

Heat enough water (don’t boil; about 60℃) for each drink. Into the hot water melt in one cacao disk (coin) for each cup.

In a tall vessel insert the molinillo and, rolling the handle back and forth between the palms, combine and froth the cacao.

With the whisker( modern way)

If using a blender - allowing enough growing room, carefully blend the hot mixture for about 2 minutes.
Continue aerating the hot cacao until the creamy foam develops.


70% Mexican Cacao, pure cane sugar.