Mexican Cacao

FRIDO reconnects earth and nature. It's not about chocolate the way we know it, it is about going back to the true roots of cacao, its origin, its mystical powers and its amazing flavours. The Mayan goddess of Chocolate who was loved by common folk and royalty alike, was known and revered for her compassion, her name Ixcacao.
The real cacao powder and drink is without milk and sugar, the Mayan word for chocolate is xocolatl, which translates into "bitter water".
The Aztecs, who conquered the Mayas and continued worshipping xocoatl, which is their version of the word for chocolate.  The traditional xocolatl drink, the Mayan food of the Gods was simply crushed cocoa beans, with some chili peppers and hot water. They created the heavenly texture and the froth by rapidly pouring it from one cup into another, it was a bitter and spicy liquid of gold.
Cacao was seen as the greatest “possession” someone could have, a gift from the Gods, an integral part of rituals and often used as currency. From the provinces of Chiapas (Soconusco y Pichucalco) and Tabasco (Comalcalco y Cunduacán), which soils are wet and with a lot of nutrients, borns FRIDO’s soul and blood, turned into God’s fruit, cacao.
The reincarnation to honor the millenary divine drink of Aztecs and Mayans