Red Mole Puebla Style Paste 210g

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Red Mole Cocina Mestiza Paste offer the Authentic Flavors of Mexico!

Our finest Red Mole Paste, now available in Australia! Crafted by Cocina Mestiza. This traditional recipe from Puebla offers handpicked, organic and all natural authentic ingredients.

Versatile and Flavorful:
Simply dilute the paste with 1 liter of water or broth to unleash its rich and complex flavors. Whether paired with meats, chicken, fish, or even fried eggs, our Red Mole paste is perfect for creating a wide variety of authentic Mexican dishes.

Time-Honored Tradition:
Enjoy in the timeless taste of Puebla cuisine with our Red Mole paste. Renowned for its depth of flavor and exquisite blend of spices, it's a staple in Mexican kitchens for good reason.

El Cielo products takes you to the heart of Mexico.



  • 31% peppers,
  • 12% almonds,
  • 14% sugar,
  • 9% corn oil,
  • 8% peanuts,
  • 7% sesame seeds,
  • 4% corn flour,
  • 4% bread crumbs,
  • 3% raisins,
  • 2% cookie crumbs,
  • 2% chocolate,
  • 2% spices,
  • 1% iodized salt,
  • 1% hidrolized vegetable protein
  • 0.1% citric acid.


Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 12 days.