Lunes del Cerro Guelaguetza Dance Festival

Lunes del Cerro Guelaguetza Dance Festival

July 11, 2021

The famoso Guelaguetza fiesta dated back to hundreds of years ago is held every July, in Oaxaca (WA-HA-KA)! But the locals call it “Los Lunes del Cerro” meaning Mondays on the Hill. And the best part is we celebrate duo Mondays in a row!

Like most Mexican holidays, this festival is all about dancing, singing and playing music! During our Monday fiestas, you will see nothing but hermosa colours and constant movement! As seven different regions come together in the capital city of Oaxaca, they distinguish their whereabouts by wearing colours representing their region… With bells and colourful ribbons on their costumes, they R.S.V.P like ‘I’ll be there with bells on’ jajaja!

Besides the folkloric dancing and beats, their fiestas are never complete without food! Each region makes their speciality, and as you may already know, their favorito mole (MO-LAY) sauces are added to dishes! Additionally, during this rainy season, they pay homage to Centeotl – The Aztec Goddess of Maize (Corn)! Si amigos – We amor corn so much we have a queen of corn we bow down to!

Another highlight of this event is the location! The celebration takes place on a hill – with a spectacular view of the city. This is also where all the performances take place and at the end of each performance, the dancer throw gifts into the crowd. Now that’s what you call a party! During this fiesta, you can expect to see the senoras in their traditional dresses with baskets full of flowers on their heads, large walking puppets and fireworks for the perfecto ending to a fiesta!