Handy Tortilla Tips

Handy Tortilla Tips

July 11, 2021

We all know that if a tortilla is not handled properly, tacos will come out cold or break apart, this is something that no one enjoys. Below are some key tips on how to handle your tortillas and your tacos for an optimum experience:

– Storing your leftover tortillas. To maintain the best moisture levels and your tortillas in the freshest state possible, they need to be stored in the fridge or the freezer, wrapped in a cotton tea towel, then inside a plastic bag.

– Keeping your tortillas warm. To maintain your tortillas steaming and be able to put warm tacos on the table, heat both sides of your tortillas on a hotplate until soft. Store ALL the tortillas that you are plating, wrapped in a cotton tea towel, inside a plastic container or a tortilla warmer. Store for 10-20 min; this allows for your tortillas to steam the heat inside of them and will last warm for longer.

– Using the right side. Quality corn tortillas have two sides. (The stomach and the back). The back is a thicker and softer layer, and the stomach is a thin and smoother layer. The rugged/thinner side has more imperfections and it is the correct side to put your fillings and get the most resistance out of your tortillas.

– The correct amount of filling. If you cannot close your taco, it just means that it has too much filling and it most probably collapses while eating! Below is an example of how the customer should be able to roll their tacos:

– Using your hands. It is common for the “Taquero” to prepare the tacos inside their hands and not on the plate. This is done in order to hold the steam of the tortilla with your hand and keep the taco warm for longer.

– Rolling your tacos. At the end of the taco journey, it is all about how you hold your taco while eating. Here are some good examples. As you can see it is all about rolling your tortilla, using your fingers at the top and the bottom, tilting your head and using your pinkie for balance!